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    “In a properly automated and educated world, then, machines may prove to be the true humanizing influence. It may be that machines will do the work that makes life possible and that human beings will do all the other things that make life pleasant and worthwhile ”
    Isaac Asimov, Robot Visions


    Precision, Quality, Excellence.

    CNC Milling, ISO 9001:2008


    Precision Machining

    Red Line Engineering, Inc. is focused on engaging businesses in the reshoring initiative. We believe we can work with our partners to meet their manufacturing needs while being competitive in the global market and keep jobs at home.


    RLE is a precision focused machine shop. Our business model includes every element of manufacturing, from 3D prototype creation, utilizing the latest in CAD software, to tactical execution of complex machined parts with pinpoint accuracy. Using a wide array of both standard and exotic materials, we’re able to deliver parts that meet most any design requirement.


    About the 2010 Reshoring Initiative: Reshoring is gaining momentum throughout the country. Many companies have already repatriated some of their manufacturing efforts, and the Reshoring Initiative is continuing to spread the “return-manufacturing-home” message to help other manufacturers realize America is an advantageous place to produce goods. -reshorenow.org



    CNC Turning, Milling


    ISO 9001:2008 Registered by DNV

    Our ISO 9001:2008 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality and reflects our continuous effort to achieve superior product quality. With an excellent on-time delivery rate, we can ensure the greatest customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on well-trained machinists and quality inspectors which have over 80 years of collective industry experience.

  • Large CNC turning, milling


    Machining capabilities include milling, turning, grinding, 5 axis boring and 3D, with the ability to produce parts up to five and a half feet in diameter and seven feet tall.

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    An inside peek at Red Line's capabilities


    Red Line Engineering is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, in the small town of Greenwood, Calif. which boasts a population of 926 (US Census Data 2000). Fifteen thousand square feet of manufacturing space occupy a five-acre parcel. It is conveniently located between Highways 50 and 80, and within one hour of Interstate Highway 5 which provides access to major shipping hubs such as San Francisco shipping docks and the Sacramento Delta.

    The area surrounding Greenwood is most known for the 1848 Gold Rush, in which James Marshall first discovered gold.

    The private location of Red Line is conducive to machining high-security national defense products and large scale products for a variety of other industries, while still providing central access to shipping transport.


    Whether you are looking for a new supplier, or are a quality vendor, we want to hear from you. Call us at 530.333.2134, Fax at 530.333.0122 or email us below.

    4616 Weed Patch Court, Greenwood CA 95635
  • Suppliers

    We are always looking for qualified new suppliers. Please reach out to us if you believe you might be a fit for our company.

    Existing suppliers, please email us for our terms and conditions of purchase.